Welcome to Advanced Backflow Testing, Inc.

Advanced Backflow Testing, Inc is a full service plumbing company that specializes in residentail plumbing repair and backflow testing and cross connection control. We provide services ranging from leaky faucet repair to fixture replacement to backflow preventer testing, repairing and installation for homes and business all over the Chicago-land area.
We have been testing, repairing and installing backflow preventer devices since 2004 and we are proud that we can offer a safe test that will ensure clean drinking water and protect families and businesses from contamination in their water supply.
The only way to protect your water supply from contamination is to have your backflow preventer device tested yearly. Backflow testing is crucial to avoiding an accident leading to illness or death. A simple test could save your life.
Illinois has, by law, made it mandatory to have your backflow preventer device tested and certified by a licensed Illinois plumber with a cross-connection license each calender year to ensure its high performance and check the water pressure. If your backflow preventer device does not pass the test then it will require repairing. If you are currently installing or have already installed a new sprinkler system or fire system then you will be required to install the appropriate backflow preventer device.
* If you refuse backflow testing then the city you live in will send you notice and you will be subject to have your water supply shut down by your city until you have your backflow device tested.
*When testing, certifying, repairing, and/or installing any backflow preventer device it is necessary to use a Illinois state licensed plumber who also obtains a cross-connection license.
Advanced Backflow Testing, Inc is a fully insured and bonded company with a passion to keep our water supply clean and drinkable.
Reasons to get your backflow device certified on time:
1. Common substances like carbon dioxide can react with copper pipes and cause toxic poisoning.
2.Other substances stick to the pipes and cause health hazards that can only be fixed by replacing your plumbing.
3. Building codes require that you test your device not just to protect you, but also the local water supply.
Be safe and get your backflow preventer devices tested and/or repaired!